What UConn MS AGPCNP Graduates Have to Say

UConn MS AGPCNP Student and Graduate - Samuel Asomaning

Samuel Asomaning

“What attracted me to the University of Connecticut’s nurse practitioner program is the nursing school’s reputation for excellence, its seasoned faculty, and its distinction for producing leaders in the professn

Before enrolling in the program, I worked as a nursing supervisor in a skilled nursing and rehabilitation environment. Since graduating as an NP, I have been working as an adult primary care nurse practitioner, diagnosing and managing chronic medical conditions in the primary care setting.

The most impactful aspects of UConn’s AGPCNP program for me were the rigor of the curriculum and its strong emphasis on evidence-based practice. And UConn’s excellent partnerships with healthcare institutions in the region and supportive faculty and staff all ensured my success.”

UConn MS AGPCNP Student and Graduate - Pamela Singson

Pramela Singson

“I’ve always been dedicated to nursing and serving the adult-geriatric population.

I started working as a CNA while pursuing my LPN, then completed my RN and eventually my BSN. Now, I work at the Hospital of Central CT in the Emergency Department, and at Duncaster Caleb Hitchcock in a short-term, long-term, and dementia unit of a skilled nursing facility.

I dreamed about attending UConn’s top-ranked School of Nursing to continue my personal and professional development. Through the AGPCNP program, I’ve been able to ensure my professional growth and my intention now is to become a practicing novice APRN and pursue my Doctorate in Nursing Practice.

UConn hires the best professionals, willing and qualified to turn every student into an efficient nurse practitioner. UConn has given me the confidence, knowledge, and skills necessary to become a successful NP.”

UConn MS AGPCNP Student and Graduate - Kristi Poehlman

Kristi Poehlmann

"I chose UConn because of the school of nursing’s reputation, the flexibility that the program offered me, clinical rotation opportunities, the prestigious faculty, and the board exam pass rate. My professors exceeded my expectations in terms of clinical opportunities, challenging me to step out of my comfort zone, supporting my transition from RN to NP, and being supportive of my additional clinical interests.

I had been a nurse for 27 years when I applied to the University of Connecticut School of Nursing, Adult Geriatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner program. I had a passion for working with geriatric patients in a community-based setting. When I interviewed, my track director encouraged me to continue into the Doctor of Nurse Practice to further my studies.

I’m currently a nurse practitioner in a busy primary care office in Connecticut. My education provided me with the knowledge, tools, and support network to be successful. I can’t thank the program leaders enough."